New 6 week Challenges Start January 20th!

  • Posted on: 21 December 2021
  • By: admin
SPIN Power

Whether you have been Spinning for years or have just started taking classes, you will benefit from taking this 6 week course!

SPINPower® is the indoor cycling program that utilizes power-based training that helps you train smart and and get maximum results. In this course you will discover your Personal Spinning Threshold number that will determine your training zones based on WATTS that you apply in each specially designed SPINPower® ride. You will gain confidence as you work at the appropriate intensity level for YOU to increase stamina, improve technique and train effectively to see your best results and progress!

2 course options to choose from:

  • THURSDAYS AT 5:30 PM (6 weeks- $22.50 for the course)
  • FRDAYS AT 5:45 AM (6 weeks- $22.50 for the course)

Classes start Thursday, January 20th or Friday, January 21st! Sign up online before the spots are gone!