Take the guesswork out of your training with power based training! WATTS measure the power and work that you put forth in every class. By using metrics that measure speed, power, heart rate, and accurate calorie burn, you will increase your confidence that you are getting the most effective workout with the correct intensity levels and work/recovery ratios to improve your fitness. PST (Personal Spinning Threshold) ramp tests will be held periodically to determine your unique power zones based on your current fitness level. SPINPower will help you gain strength, stamina and aerobic efficiency. Watts=Power=Results!

*It is important to have completed a PST ramp test to determine your SPINPower Zones prior to taking a SPINPower class. If you have not yet completed a PST ramp test, please contact us prior to registering for this class. Thank you!

The Spinning room is located in the Adult wing, 2nd floor of the church. Park in the front church parking lot and walk straight ahead down the center sidewalk. The Adult wing is directly in front of you. Take the concrete stairs up to the 2nd floor.

Please wear comfortable workout gear and comfortable athletic shoes. Cycling shoes are encouraged but not necessary. A heart rate monitor is a great tool to use in a SPINPower class to monitor heart rate during exercise. Please bring a water bottle and towel. We are sorry, but no childcare is provided.


Spinning®, SPINPower®, and SPIN® & SCULPT Classes

First class free for new members signing onto the reservation system.
5 class pass- $23
10 class pass- $40
20 class pass- $75

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